What’s Next for a Newbie Blogger After Opting WordPress CMS

Most of the blogger prefers using only one CMS; “WordPress” as it is one of the widely used and powerful content management system or CMS (See Wikipedia Definition of CMS: click here). The Popularity of WordPress can be understood by the fact that half of the CMS based websites on the internet are running on WordPress.

Setting your new blog on CMS is not a daunting task; it just requires knowledge of cPanel and FTP after uploading WordPress it is just the matter of few clicks to have working blog.

After uploading and setting WordPress for your blog then here are several things that you can do for a better WordPress blog to make it user-friendly.

Change Permalinks

Permalinks (See Wikipedia Definition of Permalinks: click here) refers to the URL that goes to your blog, search engines loves the blog and there are posts with neat and clean URL. For an instance, you have written blog post on some tricks; then you must precisely define your title on the URL to get more attention from your readers. Blog URLs similar to the title are far more user-friendly than the URL stuffed with the keywords or filled with numbers and to do this you need to setup your permalinks.

How to set Permalinks?

Permalinks can be changed under the WordPress setting; by default your Post/Page URL is set to displays as the number which is not user-friendly and it does not describes your post. So, just go to the setting and click on the permalink after that choose your URL Custom structure and type %postname%.


It is advisable for a new blogger to go with the URL exactly same as the title, as it help you to get better search engine ranking and more reader attention about the post.

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Choose or Change Default Themes


Theme is the soul of any website; it makes your blog attractive. WordPress has different default theme as it is upon the user’s choice to have them or they can go for their own theme. WordPress is one of the widely used CMS for blogging and professional websites, there is a plethora of free and premium WordPress themes available (For Premium WordPress themes Click here) to choose from and you won’t find any difficulty in finding the theme which you are looking for.

Get your own unique, attractive and easy to navigate theme. If you are good at customizing theme at coding level, then customize it according to the way you are looking to have on your blog.

You can change your WordPress theme at anytime and in order to do this Go to Appearance on your dashboard select the theme or upload your own theme packed in ZIP file and you are done.

Awesome Plugins


Behind the success of WordPress CMS as a blogging platform there are several factors but the main two factors are; Availability of huge Free and Premium WordPress themes and Free Plugins.

For a newbie blogger you must add these plugins:

1. All in One SEO (Download)/ WordPress SEO by Yoast (Download).

2. Any Social media integration plugin (Recommended: Add this).

3. Captcha plugin to stop comment spam.

4. W3 Super cache for faster site.

5. WP database backup.

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Customized Footer Area

Most of the readers did not notice this area but it serves as one of the most important part of any blogging website. You can add some information about the website owner. Some people scroll down to look out for the information about the blog, privacy policy page and terms of use page add custom menu at the footer area.



No matter you have the self hosted WordPress user or free WordPress blogger; you must secure your all the password. Security is one of the major concerns for any website; if your website is secure, then this directly improves the focus and goals of your blog. With the secure blog you will be able to focus on your goals and aims. Hence, security indirectly relates your blog to success, so use strong passwords add some security plugins to secure your blog.

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Track Your Website

Without tracking your website you will never understand your target audience and what they love to read on your blog. There are several monitoring tools available to track the website performance and most recommended one is Google Analytics and Going Up. Google analytics is easy to setup and easy to use for monitoring your blog performance; you can define goal of several posts of your blog to see if your readers love to read the post or not.


You have plenty of CMS options to choose from, but WordPress is most preferred CMS just because it is simple to use, have surfeit of free themes and plugins. To achieve your goal of having successful blog you must add on your “to do list” the above mentioned points after setting up your blog.

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