Top 5 Reasons for Bloggers to Employ WordPress

WordPress emerged as the blogging platform in 2003; it took 10 years for WordPress to become world’s leading CMS platform and it is still growing. WordPress is an open source CMS platform that anyone can use it as there are several other open source CMS platforms, then why only WordPress leads this race. Most of the blogging website and professional business website is running on the WordPress, you will be surprise to know that sites like Techcrunch and New York Times runs on WordPress with its premium hosting.

WordPress has amazing feature which makes it stand out of the crowd. If you are planning to have your own blogging website, then here are the five reasons to employ WordPress as your blogging platform:

1. No Rocket Science in WordPress Installation


Installing WordPress requires just few clicks of button and creating a database in your web hosting cpanel. As WordPress is a CMS platform and all you need to have a separate database in your webhosting.

Just log into your cpanel to create a database and remember the username and password, install WordPress through FTP or you can select it in the cpanel, if you are good with playing your cpanel but I would prefer you to install via FTP. After the WordPress, upload through FTP follow the instruction and you are done.

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2. Easy to Change Blog Appearance


WordPress has plethora of free themes available on the cyberspace which you can choose according to your requirement. If you are good at playing with PHP code, then within a few hours you can have your own customize theme according to the requirement you are looking for.

It is not necessary to have PHP code knowledge; WordPress is a powerful and easy to use CMS platform and you can simply use it to customize your blog within a few simple steps.

3. Simple Step to Create your Post/Page


Posting a content or creating page will never be easy as you will get in the WordPress, newbie can easily use it to post the content regularly on their blog. WordPress has simple WYSIWYG editor which you can use to create a page and post without putting much effort. You can add your post category, tags and set a featured image of the post.

4. Amazing Community


WordPress community is growing day by day and thousands of hands all around the world are pushing WordPress forward. If you are having any trouble associated with WordPress, then don’t worry you will definitely get hundreds of solution for it.

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5. SEO Benefits


For a site, manual development by designers and developers in HTML or any other language, having SEO for that website is not an easy task. With the WordPress, forget worrying about your blog on-page SEO, as WordPress has several awesome free plugins to take care of it.

Search engine love to see site with neat and clean code, WordPress themes has neat and clean code with all the necessary SEO criteria, so just stop worrying about your blog SEO with WordPress.

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