Things You Must Evaluate Before Stepping Onto WordPress as CMS

WordPress emerged as the best blogging platform in the last decade, taken the world with its storm – as of august 2011. It has become most popular and first choice among the bloggers, designers and developers. WordPress is the number one CMS platform today from blogging, PSD to WordPress conversion and it has been used by many business websites.

Many big websites are running on the WordPress (Click here to see the Notable WordPress Users) with its premium hosting service.


Today, WordPress is considered as the most powerful web platform covering more than the half of the CMS based websites (More than half of the website on the internet running on WordPress of the total CMS based websites).

Every CMS must have some features such as it must be search engine friendly, easy to use, secure against hacking and threats and support lots of plugins. WordPress proved its mark on the mentioned points like easy to use, search engine friendly, flexible, secure, etc.

Here are some points that you must evaluate before stepping onto the WordPress as the CMS.

Domain Name and Hosting

domains n hosting

You need to have your own domain name of any extension, if you do not have the domain name, then you can register it just by spending some bucks.

You must also have the web host so as to run your WordPress website. I would recommend you to go for any Web hosting company and choose according to your budget and requirement.



For any CMS, flexibility is the most important part; the success of CMS entirely depends on how flexible it is. WordPress can be used to create several things like Photo gallery, portfolio website, e-commerce website, online portal etc. as it is more than the blogging platform. WordPress can be used to create any type of the website so, in terms of flexibility it scores more than any other CMS platform on the internet.

User Friendly


WordPress is user -friendly and can be easily handled. Any user can handle this CMS with its documentation; you do not need to be a tech genius or have programming knowledge to use it.

WordPress CMS is used by many reputed companies for their business website, e-commerce portal etc.. due to its large community and awareness WordPress is becoming more and more popular at very rapid pace.

Wide Variety of themes and Plugins


WordPress CMS is successful due to several factors, availability of free WordPress themes and plugins is one of the most important one in this success.

WordPress has plethora of themes and plugins to choose for your blog or business website, you can get free as well as the paid themes and plugins. You can choose according to your requirement and customize it with an ease.

You can add a wide variety of free and paid plugins to create your website to e-commerce portal, discussion forums, spam protection by captcha plugin etc.

SEO friendly

SEO friendly

WordPress websites are always SEO friendly as all the themes have neat and clean code, you can use any of the SEO plugins to make it more SEO friendly. According to Google head spam team, WordPress is the best CMS to take care of 80-90% of your website on-page SEO.


Thousands of hands around the world is pushing the WordPress to become more and more successful. WordPress community is supportive as it is the most popular open source CMS Platform. If you find any difficulty, you will get the thousands of best solutions in the WordPress forums to solve your problem quickly.

There are also several best tutorial website other than the community forum on WordPress to solve your problem as well as to increase your knowledge about this awesome CMS platform. 

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