Sony Xperia Z2 – The Technology Next

Sony is on a spree to upgrade its flagship, smartphone range by introducing new editions at quick succession. Xperia Z and XperiaZ1 were introduced at close gaps and now it seems that the handset manufacturer is once again ready to wow the smatphone lovers with its new flagship in Sony Xperia mobile phones range – Xperia Z2. The handset is expected to make a debut in 2014 MWC which is just a few days away. However the leaked images and rumours about its cutting-edge specs were enough to heighten market expectations. 

Sony Xperia Z2

It seems like the brand is on a spree to remain ahead in innovation. By the leaked image it seems that Sony has done some serious work in improving the looks and features of its new flagship model. Z2 is sleeker and trendier in looks as significantly reduced bezel offers edge-to-edge display. It is also thinner in width than the previous models. Reduced bezel means that the phone will have larger screen of 5.2 inch without significant increase it size. When compared side by side with its predecessors the differences between the three were apparent. Despite its size the phone will easily fit into the palm of your hand and can be carried in your trouser pocket. Sony is likely to retain the rectangular shape of its phones and offer a waterproof coating to protect the phone from water damage. 

The larger screen size is likely to offer better display with higher graphic resolution. It might feature a 2k screen with resolution similar to that of Samsung’s proposed Galaxy S5, 2560 x 1440. The phone contains micro SIM slot and microUSB slot, both present on the left side of the case and a MicroSD card slot on the right. 

There isn’t any official word yet about specs of the new phone so it can’t be confirmed if the phone will be any improvement from the others of this range. It however seems like Z2 will feature a slightly different OS. 

Processor and software 


In terms of technical innovations Z2 might not differ by miles from its predecessors. The phone might feature a standard Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor with only a few tweaks. It is more likely an upgraded version of Z1 than being completely a new product. The phone will have a 3GB RAM as opposed to 2GB RAM of Z1 and 2.3GHz processor against 2.2GHz of Z1’s. It is more than capable of handling multitasking and promises of a great gaming experience with faster processor and crispier display. 

The phone will feature Android 4.4 KitKat with slight tweaks from Sony on the top. It means that the phone will have all the latest upgrades from Google. One of which is the smart backlight feature that will keep the phone screen on as long as you’re looking at it. The screen is spiked with a sensor that will allow user to accept or reject calls with hand gestures with a double tap home screen unlocking feature.  

Camera and video recording

Sony has always been impressive with camera and speaker quality and Z2 will not be any different. The phone features an impressive 20.7mp camera (same as Z1s with a slightly larger sensor of ½.5”) capable of capturing high quality photos with a sharp LED flash.

The most impressive feature of the phone however will be its ability to capture 4k, high frame rate, slow motion videos. The two speakers are fitter at the top and bottom of the phone, promising an improved audio experience. Z2 will also support USB DAC which will further improve music experience.

Pros and cons

Although we are yet to confirm the specs, looks and features of Sony Xperia Z2 here is a consolidated list of pros and cons of the phone based on leaked information.


  • Metal encasing and premium glass that is typical of Xperia flagship range
  • Bezel free look to increase size of screen without increasing the size too much
  • High resolution screen that is expected to match Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Extendable memory means more space for photo and video storing
  • Smart backlight feature
  • Glove mode


  • Not much to expect in terms of technological upgrade
  • Batter life of it is yet to be confirmed but one can expect average life span


Sony has names the handset as Sirius. The stage is prepared to welcome Sony Xperia Z2 at Mobile Congress this year at Barcelona. Before that, a leaked review is a great way to warm yourself up about the new flag-bearer of the range. 

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