Paid Antivirus vs Free Antivirus

Do you often make online transactions in the hope that they are safely done? We wish that you do not face any eventuality in the process but the fact of the matter is nothing is safe online. There has been dozens of cases on periodical basis from every nook and corner where accounts have been hacked and a big chunk of money had been illegally transferred.

Free vs Paid Antivirus

It’s even nightmarish to think about you meeting such fate. Isn’t it?

Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and the smartness likes over the fact that you need to prepare yourself from before, so that you live a life of peace, happiness and dignity. You can attain such a happy and joyful state by making the use of antivirus which can indeed give you loads of reasons to enjoy to the fullest. After all, no words can describe the feeling of being 100% safe and secure from the prying eyes of hackers, isn’t it?

According to a saying, “Nothing in life comes for free” and same is the case with the antivirus as well. There is a free antivirus which is equally regarded to be effective and it has its own utility and importance.

Should you use the paid antivirus when the free version is effective?

The answer is simple when it comes to taking decisions which are directly related with your finances, your identity including that of your loved ones, you simply cannot look for saving few dollars in the hope that all will be fine at the end. After all, a software which being a licensed version with highly durable features is better than the one which is just “useful” and “effective”! Even the views of increasing families who have been making the best use of paid version is an enlightening proof that paid version is comparably far more effective in real sense. Therefore, be 100% safe and secure by shelling few dollars and heave a sigh of relief since hackers have really an ugly face and they can strike you at any time.

There are few things in life where you cannot possibly afford to take any chances and security is one of them. It gains even greater significance of late, since hackers are not leaving any stone unturned towards accomplishing their heinous acts. Since, they are sticking with the highest degree of sophistication, then how can you be far behind?

It necessitates you to gear up from before since you do not have to repent later on for being careless.

The best thing is that you do not have to shell even whopping sum of money in the process as well as all it takes is reasonable amount where a licensed antivirus can leave your tensions and worries away. Therefore, paid version comes with comparably more sophisticated features which is regularly updated to counter the innovative minds of hackers who are always on the look out of finding any loopholes. Isn’t it?

So would you still like free versions of antivirus over the paid versions? I am sure that you will!

This post is contributed by Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan, he is a blogger at GadgetsBin and Android Kitkat

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