How To Move WordPress Site From One Host To Another Easily

Easiest method to move your website or blog from one host to another. How to move WordPress site from Hostgator to Bluehost in few minutes?

I recently started this new blog hosting with Bluehost after Experiencing some issues with Hostgator. Although most of the online reviews favoring Hostgator compared to Bluehost, I thought I should give it a try this time and so far no issues with Bluehost. Its faster and easier to migrate from other hosts.

Whenever I face heavier traffic then my site gets hanged and if I check the error log and contact them then they simply reply heavy CPU usage and try accessing my site after few minutes or so. I have already optimized my site to the best but still during heavy traffic Hostgator unable to render my site access smoother. This made me change my mind and shift to Bluehost. I’ve already come across many blogs which are producing huge amount of traffic but without any issues from Bluehost. So let’s discuss moving a WordPress site from Hostgator to Bluehost. You can follow similar steps with small changes at one or two places to migrate your site to different host:

Here our source is Hostgator (HG) and destination is Bluehost (BH). I just call them with shortcut names HG, BH.

1. Login to HG Cpanel

2. Click on File Manager and access your site and select Wp-Content folder.

3. Compress Wp-content folder. You can click on Compress button on the toolbar at the top.

4. Now select file and download it to your system by clicking on Download button on the toolbar.

5. Now comes the database part. Backup your database either using any wordpress plugin or from PhpMyAdmin in Cpanel.

6. Login to PhpMyAdmin and select the database related to your website. Click on Export and download the sql file to your system.

7. Now you have and sql (database) files ready. Here completes the HG part or source phase. Now let’s move to the destination host (Bluehost / BH) to where we are shifting our site. Before that we need to point Nameservers to Bluehost in your domain settings.

8. Login to domain settings and change Name servers. I have my domain with Bigrock. You might be using similar one or Godaddy, etc… which ever you have registered with.

9. Login to BH Cpanel.

10. Click on Addon Domains under Domains Section.

Hostgator to Bluehost

11. Mention your site name in step 1 as shown in the image below. It starts verifying your domain. Sometimes DNS propagation takes time to reflect changes and verify the domain. It tried 10 minutes after I changed Name servers in Bigrock. Sometimes it may instantly verify but few times may take time. Don’t touch Step2 , step3. Now create a directory name in Step4. Finally click on Adddomain. These steps vary depending on the host.

Transfer website from Hostgator to Bluehost

12. Now navigate to BH Cpanel again and click on Unlimited FTP in the Files Section.

unlimited ftp

13. In the UFTP window, select file in the left panel. Select and open the directory you created in the right panel. Now click on Right arrow between the panels. The file will be transferred to BH.


14. Now back to BH Cpanel and install WordPress on the domain. I’m not going deep into how to install WordPress here. This will create an empty wordpress site. Don’t worry, your site will get all the settings and articles in few minutes.

15. Click on File Manager in Cpanel, navigate to wp-content folder in your site directory (public_html/yoursitedirectory) and rename it to wp-content.old

16. Now select the file, click on Extract button on the toolbar. Wp-content will be extracted and placed in your directory. Ex: public_html/yoursitedirectory/wp-content

17. Access PhpMyAdmin from the Cpanel of Bluehost. Create a database by giving some name (remember this database name) and select the database. Click on Import button. Now select the sql file saved in your system. So your database file will be imported. Go to mysql database and after creating db assign the user in wp-config.php file.

18. Open Wpconfig.php file in public_html/yoursitedirectory and make the following changes.

  • Findout the line that is similar to” define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘………………………….’); “
  • Just comment that line by typing // before the line.
  • Now add the line below the commented line
  • define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘Your_database_name_here’);
  • Now find “$table_prefix” and ensure the prefix of the tables matches the prefix in your database tables in PhpMyAdmin. In Bluehost the prefix is wp_ and so it should be:
  • $table_prefix = ‘wp_’;
  • Save the file.

This prefix changes from one host to another.

Bingo! you are done with all the steps. Check your website or blog and also try to login with all the same credentials that you used to.

Again let me summarize what we did

  • 1. Compress wp-content in source (HG). Download the zip file.
  • 2. Backup the database and download it.
  • 3. Change Name servers in your domain. Add domain in destination hosting (Bluehost) and verify it. Create a directory under public_html
  • 4. Install WordPress on your domain in BH. Access File Manager for your domain, rename existing wp-content as wp-content.old and unzip or extract the wp-content file.
  • 5. Create database in BH and import sql file already downloaded in step2.
  • 6. Change wp-config.php settings. That’s it.

The only time taking process is downloading and uploading of zip file if it is a large one. I used special internet connection of 8MBPS and it took just 2 minutes to download 650 mb file and 20 mins to upload. Entire process completed in 40 mins to shift one of my existing blogs from Hostgator to Bluehost. If you have any doubts do ask them in the comments section.


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