How to have your own Custom Logo on WP login Page

Whenever we login to the WordPress login page, every time we see the same large WordPress logo that links to The same old WordPress login page has not changed much.

If you are customizing WordPress theme for your client then today branding is most important part of online marketing what if your clients seen his logo on the WP login page. Let’s take another situation, if you are maintaining multi author WordPress blog then having your own custom logo really adds some extra stars on your website.

There are plenty of methods to change WordPress default logo to your own custom domain, but I have come across with two easy methods which a newbie can easily perform without much difficulties.

Method 1: By Coding

If you are expert in playing with your WordPress theme code then this method is just for you.

Open your functions.php file either from your dashboard or via downloading it from FTP and edit it any code editor.

Go to public_html >> wp-content >>themes >> your theme >> functions.php file right click to download.

Go to public_html >> wp-content >>themes >> your theme >> functions.php file right click to download.

If you are editing your functions.php file from dashboard or in code editor, remember to upload your custom logo with the file name logo.png

Method 2: Upload your Custom Logo via FTP

This is one simplest method to have your own custom logo on the WordPress login page. If you are newbie or did not like to play with your theme code then just follow these simple steps:

From FTP Go to >> WP admin >> images >> wordpress-logo.png

Now upload your custom logo by renaming it as wordpress-logo.png and you are done. For the attractive look on logo, make sure you upload transparent background logo of your website/blog.

Got any other WordPress tips to share? Share with us the same in the comments section below.

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