How to Configure your WordPress Blog on Windows Live Writer

Windows Live writer is an awesome tool to publish your WordPress post directly from your desktop without login to your self hosted WordPress Dashboard. It is one of the best tools to post your content offline; this tool is as good as the MS word.

Windows Live writer is an optimal tool to publish post offline on Content Management system especially on the self hosted WordPress blog. Logging everytime in to your WordPress dashboard is a bit frustrating task for anybody who post 2-3 or more contents on a single day, so as to solve this I have just come across with this awesome software which you can use.


As WordPress is the preferred CMS for any new blogger so, this tutorial is exclusively for the newbie bloggers who are running their self hosted WordPress blog.

Here are the steps to configure WordPress Blog on Windows Live writer:


You have to configure your WordPress blog in order to use this tool.

  • Login to your dashboard
  • On the left panel click on the setting
  • Select Writing
  • Enable both Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC
  • Save your changes.

Now yourself hosted WordPress blog is ready for the Windows Live writer.

Configure WordPress blog on Windows Live writer

Download Windows Live Writer, if you have not downloaded Windows Live writer yet.

  • Open Windows Live Writer
  • Click on menu and Select options
  • Select Add account

From the Windows Live writer wizard select the service you want to choose.

  • Now choose “WordPress” and click on the next
  • Add your blog URL, username and password
  • Click on the finish button

You have now successfully configured your WordPress Blog on Windows Live writer. Now you can directly publish your awesome content from desktop without opening your browser.

Common issues with Windows Live Writer

Most of the WordPress bloggers encountered with some common issues like:

  • Issues with uploading images
  • Editing the old posts
  • Draft new post

Let me briefly describe these common problems and its solution.

1. Problem in Uploading images

While uploading image with Windows live write you may encounter with the follow message “The following images cannot be published because the weblog does not support image publishing”. If you have not configured your FTP for the external image hosting.


Reduce the image file and use image extension that may provide good quality and consume less disk space.

2. Speed Issue

Windows Live writer consume lots of system memory without any reason which freeze it many times.


Go to Menu >> Run >> Type services.msc

Select Windows live writer and click on stop to stop software update.

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