A Look at The Top 5 Android Emulators For Windows

Android emulators for PC’s (Windows or Mac) help developers to run android apps on PC. Primarily it was popular between the developers until users discovered the benefit of using it on the desktop computers.

If you ever wish to run the android apps on your desktop then the android emulator for the windows is the best option.  Android emulator helps users to run android apps on the PC.

Emulators have gain popularity over time and to continue this popularity several companies have now built special emulators that have more features than the emulator comes with an android package.

So, here is the list of top 5 android emulators for Windows.

1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the most popular android emulators for windows, its app player not complete virtual software. This software is available for both Windows and Mac, the company releases the different improved versions with the time. Initially you will feel like an android user interface but this is a completely different Grey and white display which is quite different from the android emulator for the windows.

People looking for running their favorite android apps on the windows will find this software as the first choice among the other android emulators available for the windows.

After installing this app on your windows powered desktop all you need is to do is just type your app on the search box and run it. The user experience will be awesome with this app if you have a window 8 powered touch screen display.

This android emulator for windows has lots of lags and also has some downsides like freezing, lags, etc. You may also experience a slow frame rate while playing 3D games.

2. YouWave

YouWave is not a free android emulator for windows; it only comes with ten days of free trial. This software offers you android like user experience unlike the Bluestacks, it has the menu button screen rotation like you are using an android device.

Running angry birds games on this simulator is not possible as an angry bird has ARM native code which can be run on devices powered by ARM processors. YouWave is not been able to play angry birds game because of the unsupported hardware, also requires some sensors to play it. It will not allow you to download some apps.

3. Jar of Beans

The name suggests that this emulator is built on android jelly bean. There are several adventurous games available for the android jelly bean, so this emulator certainly helps you to play your favorite jelly bean app on your Windows-powered computer.

This emulator is best for both developers as well as the jelly bean game lovers; you can smoothly play any of your favorite games on it. It has a special button to export your apk file on the computer.

It has a simple user interface all you need is to do just select, search, download, and install procedure.

4. GenyMotion

5. WindowsAndroid

This app offers you like android for PC, it has a simple environment. This software is simple to install and has an amazing performance which lets you hassle-free use of any android app. It is one of the best android emulators for windows.

If you are not sure about the android emulator for windows then you can download the VirtualBox which allows you to install other guest OS such as Linux or Mac OS.

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