4 Creative Ways to Promote your WordPress Blog

Struggling to catch readers attention? This is the first problem that every blogger face after hitting the publish button. You have created a killer post and further you are thinking that after publishing; it will boom on the internet.


You have putted a lot of your efforts in adding attractive images, structuring the post in proper format, checking all the spellings and grammar mistakes now you are set to hit the publish button for your awesome post go live.

Waiting for your content to skyrocket but it doesn’t happens.

In this post you will learn some creative ways to promote your post and drive more traffic towards it.

1. Use gigantic variety of Platforms


We have some of the most popular and widely used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, these days most of the people are using these famous social media platform to promote their content.

You can use these famous platform as well as the other small and less-known platforms to promote your content. The less known website is crowd free and has specific audience to read different types of content, now you have the better chance to stand your content out of the crowd in these less-known networks.

Here I am suggesting you some platforms that you can use to drive equal traffic than the traffic from the bigger social platforms.

Quora.com: Founded by two former Facebook employees, Quora is a free question and answer website you can use this website to share your knowledge.


Bizsugar: This website has power to drive similar traffic just like other popular social media websites and drives traffic to your website. Bizsugar was acquired by Small business trends (Popular U.S based website for small business advice). Bizsugar is a small business news, tips and tricks website and it is growing at a rapid pace. 

2. Grab Users Attention with Vine


You can record 6 second video on the vine, so use this iPhone app to give your reader a 6- second video teaser about the blog post. You can use vine to share your content on the twitter and Facebook, since vine is owned by twitter so whenever you tweet you video is displays automatically.

3. Power your Post with Slideshare


Slideshare has millions of active users and it is more than the content sharing platform. Create attractive slides and add all the information on the slideshare; also include your blog URL within the slides, adding links on the slides will definitely drive more traffic towards your website.

4. Pin Your Post to Pinterest


Pinterest allows you to pin on the individual boards, pinning on others board grab users attention to see your pins which leads to the traffic generation. Here are the things that you need to take care on pinning contributor’s board:

  • Choose interesting image which grabs attention
  • Your blog post must be visible
  • Proper use of hashtag

Have you tried this method of promoting your blog other than the promoting on the Popular social media websites. Add these tips on your social media marketing strategy to drive more and more traffic.

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